Husband Wife Problem Solution

Some of us think that the first year after marriage is the hardest, while others might say that problems occur in the later stage when the romance starts fading. In our opinion, problems occur in every stage of marriage – the beginning, the time romance starts fading, the time they have their first child and even later on. We use astrology as a means to provide you with husband wife problem solution, which are very common in every household.

Husband Wife Problem Solutions

When neither of us are perfect, we cannot expect our relationships to be perfect either. And when we live together, fights and quarrels are bound to happen. The problem arises when we fail to resolve our conflicts and move on. At a greater level, problems may be financial in nature or involve serious issues like infertility.

Through astrology, we strive to resolve the issue of being unable to move on from such problems, trying to help you bring back the love and romance that existed in the initial stage.

Husband Wife Problem Solutions

When should you seek astrology for husband wife problem solution?

When we fight with our partner, we first try resolving it on our own. And there are many such fights that you will go through, which is extremely normal. However, when you see that something is affecting your relationship negatively, or disturbing the peace and happiness in your house, that’s when you seek an astrologer.

In other words, you seek astrology under the following circumstances:

  • Sudden increase in the frequency of quarrels
  • Realisation of gradual deterioration in your relationship
  • Problems occurring in your relationship due to a third-party
  • Past problems that may still be affecting either of the partners in the present, thus affecting the relationship
  • Increase in financial issues in the house
  • Any other problem that you may be unable to resolve by yourself or have control over

What kind of husband wife problem do we look into?

Astrology doesn’t fight specific quarrels or misunderstandings. It provides solutions at the root level, like reducing the frequency of conflicts between partners or helping you live more peacefully with each other. Some of the problems that we deal with include the following:

  • Having quarrels over the same thing again and again
  • Increase in frequency of fighting, arguing and misunderstanding
  • Fading of love and romance between partners
  • Conflicts arising due to difference in professional status
  • Increase in financial problems or instability in the house
  • Differences with other family members affecting relationship between husband and wife
  • Inability to conceive a child
  • Any one partner adapting bad habits or unhealthy addictions affecting the relationship
  • Serious problems between partners they may leave the marriage on the verge of divorce
  • Intrusion of a third party that may lead to a potential love triangle or extra marital affair
  • Mistakes or problems of the past that may be affecting the present
  • Either of the partners becoming victim to any form of abuse
  • Difference in thinking, lifestyle and priorities leading to multiple issues
  • Any other issue that may have disrupted the peace and harmony in the house

How do we solve various husband wife problem?

Our astrologer is a vashikaran expert, who specializes in resolving relationship problems. We believe in spreading love, peace and happiness in every household. We help you solve your problems by using your birth charts, numerology or by using the power of vashikaran. Depending on the nature and depth of the problem, we apply either of the solutions for you.

We strive to bring back the peace and positivity in your house. For this, we seek to remove the negativity in your surroundings as well as look into any doshas present in your birth charts.

How we solve husband wife trouble using birth charts?

Your birth chart includes details regarding the placement of planets and stars during your birth. This helps us determine your personality at the core and the possibilities of when you might face certain major changes in life. This also includes the possibility of facing major problems at some point in life, which we call doshas.

In order to solve your problem, we usually require the birth chart of the person who might be the potential trouble maker. In the beginning, we might have to analyze the birth charts of both partners to understand the depth of the problem. Here’s what we usually look for:

  • Influence of planets in Houses of the 1st, 2nd, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th
  • Location and status of the lords in the above-mentioned houses
  • Which planets are most troublesome for the married life and relationship of the person?
  • The most beneficial planets for the married life and relationship of the person
  • Any doshas, afflictions and imperfections that may be there for life after marriage
  • Status of Mercury, Venus, Moon and Jupiter during birth
  • Any other astrological factors that may be applicable

How does numerology help us solve marriage life problem?

Numerology is actually an alternate option that we use in case of absence of birth chart. Usually, birth charts are more detailed and help us resolve the problem better. However, if you do not have or are unable to provide birth chart, there are some other details that you can give us, which helps us determine a life path number.

In numerology, every number between 0-9 determines a specific life path. We derive this number using details like name, date of birth, time of birth, place of birth and few other factors. The number we derive at helps us understand the personality and potential future of the person, and even the greater purpose of life.

Solving problems using vashikaran

Vashikaran works very differently. By using the power of mantras, we tend to resolve certain problems that you might be facing. In most cases, we use it to solve any major problem that you may not be able to control directly. It is used in the most serious circumstances.

Why Astrology?

At times, our behaviour may be affected by external forces in the environment we may be unaware of. This is where astrology comes to our rescue. It can be a great rescue when looking for husband wife problem solution, as not everything is always under our control. Even if you don’t believe in it, you have nothing to lose when you give it a shot.

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